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Mug - Encounters 2020

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Commemorative mug featuring the Encounters 2020 logo.

2020 marks 250 years since Captain James Cook and the HMB Endeavour charted the East Coast of Australia. Encounters 2020 is a program designed to recognise both the achievements of Cook’s 1770 scientific voyage and its lasting impact on Australia’s First Peoples as well as the nation as a whole.

For the First Peoples of Australia, custodians of the continent for over 60,000 years, Cook’s journey was the most consequential encounter by early Western voyagers as it heralded the beginning of a fundamental change to their way of life.

This anniversary offers a unique opportunity for all Australians to reflect on, discuss and re-evaluate the lasting impact this pivotal event has had on us all and, in particular, the repercussions on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities.

Encounters 2020 will utilise this historic event to examine both its significance in Australian history and its enduring legacy - from the dual perspectives of from the ship and from the shore and will encourage community engagement, discussion and debate about our past and our future.


Ceramic mug
Dishwasher safe
Mug holds 11oz (325ml)
Designed in Australia