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Dorothea Lange Magnet Set (4 Pack)

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Dorothea Lange Magnet Set (4 Pack)

This custom magnet set features 4 of Dorothea Lange's most iconic images:

Migrant Mother, Nipomo, California, 1936
Shipyard Worker, CA. 1943
White Angel Breadline, San Francisco, 1933
Dorothea Lange in Texas on the Plains, CA. 1935

Supported by government programs and new picture magazines like LIFE, Dorothea Lange and other photographers of the 1930s and '40s created an indelible record of everyday life in difficult times. The Great Depression caused many photographers to consider the camera as an instrument of social change. Foremost among this group was Berkeley photographer Dorothea Lange, whose intimate pictures of people in distress were driven by a deep personal empathy. She continued her intensely personal work after the Depression, creating series on the forced relocation of Japanese Americans during World War II, Irish country life, and postwar suburban California, among many other projects.

Sourced from The Oakland Museum of California, which houses Lange’s personal archive, a gift from the artist that includes 25,000 negatives, 6,000 vintage prints, field notes, and personal memorabilia. Curators and researchers from around the world visit the Museum to access the Lange collection.

Hand made in California using 100% US made recycled magnet material.
Each magnet is individually hand cut and poured with a thick coat of resin that makes them absolutely sparkle and keeps them looking new for ages...
These super thick magnets are strong as well as durable and make a great gift.
Box size 3"x4"