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Dorothea Lange - A Life Beyond Limits

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Dorothea Lange: A Life Beyond Limits by Linda Gordon

Winner of the 2010 Bancroft Prize and finalist for the 2009 Los Angeles Times Book Prize in Biography: The definitive biography of a heroic chronicler of America's Depression and one of the twentieth century's greatest photographers.

Dorothea Lange's photographs define how the American Depression is remembered; this evocative biography defines her creative struggles and enduring legacy. We all know Dorothea Lange's iconic photographs but few know the arc of her extraordinary life. In this sweeping account, Linda Gordon charts Lange's journey from polio-ridden child to wife and mother, from San Francisco portrait photographer to chronicler of the Great Depression and Second World War. Gordon uses Lange's life to anchor a social history of twentieth-century America, re-creating the bohemian world of San Francisco, the Dust Bowl and the Japanese-American internment camps. She explores Lange's radicalisation as she embraced the democratic power of the camera and she examines Lange's body of work.

Lange reminds us that beauty can be found in unlikely places and that to respond to injustice, we must first learn how to see it.

About The Author:
Linda Gordon is the Florence Kelley Professor of History at New York University. She is the author of numerous books including Dorothea Lange and Impounded, and won the Bancroft Prize for The Great Arizona Orphan Abduction. She lives in New York.

Pages: 560
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