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3D Model Kit - Mermaid

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In Old English, "mer" means "sea," and "maid" simply meant woman, so their name literally translates to woman of the sea! The first ever mermaid was a Syrian goddess of fertility, named Atargatis.

Good for nature AND for you! EUGY encourage creativity as well as being environmentally friendly.

Makes for a uniquely Australian gift - easy to post or pack in luggage for overseas visitors, too!

Conforming 100% to international safety standards (EN71-1,2,3 and CPSIA), each EUGY 3D kit pack contains 6 to 7 flat cards with individually numbered pieces, all ready for you to assemble.


Environmental friendly
Biodegradable materials
Eco friendly ink
Non Toxic glue
Assembly takes 10-20 minutes
Non-toxic glue is included
Made in New Zealand