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Sea Monsters Excavation Kit - Mosasaurus Skeleton

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Do you know a young paleontologist-in-the-making? They'll enjoy assembling and displaying the mosasaurus skeleton featured in this Geoworld Sea Monsters Excavation Kit!

Use the included hammer and chisel to uncover the 'fossil pieces' buried in gypsum brick, just like a real scientist in the field! Follow the simple instructions (included) to assemble and display this prehistoric sea monster, then learn more about your discovery from the full-color fact booklet included with the kit.

Every Geoworld toy is designed to inspire young scientists. For 30 years, Geoworld and its founder, paleontologist Stefano Piccini, have shared their knowledge and passion for the natural world.

Suitable for children ages 6+

Model length when completed: 36cm

Hammer and chisel to remove the ''fossil bones'' from the gypsum brick
Skeleton model (15 pieces)
Display stand
Instructions and a booklet with fascinating facts about the mosasaurus

Developed under the supervision of paleontologist Dr. Stefano Piccini