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How to Choose the Right World Globe?

14th Sep 2023

How to Choose the Right World Globe?

World globes hold significant importance in learning and understanding geography, history, and culture. With various types of globes available, finding the right one can be a daunting task. This article aims to help readers make an informed decision when purchasing a world globe, offering a brief overview of different types and factors to consider.

Types of World Globes

When choosing a world globe, it's essential to consider the different types available. Physical globes showcase topography, terrain, and ocean depths, allowing users to understand Earth's natural features and landscapes. On the other hand, political globes focus on countries, borders, capitals, and major cities, helping users learn about political boundaries and international relations.

Antique globes offer a unique aesthetic with historical maps, vintage design, and artwork. These globes serve as decorative pieces, providing historical context and becoming conversation starters. Meanwhile, educational globes feature interactive elements, quizzes, and additional information, creating an engaging learning experience for children and adults alike.

Size and Material

When choosing a world globe, it's crucial to consider the size based on available space and intended use. For example, the World Globe 660mm might suit a spacious room, while the smaller World Globe 410mm is ideal for limited spaces. Additionally, the material of the globe plays a vital role in durability, longevity, aesthetics, and design preferences. Common materials include paper, plastic, metal, wood, and glass. Each material offers unique advantages and can affect the overall look and feel of the globe, so it's essential to choose one that aligns with your needs and preferences.

Stand and Mounting Options

Another crucial aspect to consider when choosing a world globe is the stand and mounting options. Floor-standing globes serve as statement pieces, offering easy access and mobility. They are ideal for offices, libraries, and living rooms. In contrast, desk globes provide a space-saving, affordable, and portable option. These globes are well-suited for classrooms, bedrooms, and smaller spaces. An example of a desk globe is the World Globe Green 270mm. Lastly, hanging globes present a unique display with customisable height and easy rotation. They are perfect for children's rooms, modern interiors, and artistic spaces.

Additional Features to Consider

Besides size and mounting options, there are other features worth considering when choosing a world globe. Illuminated globes, such as the World Globe Green 270mm with illumination, offer attractive displays, easy viewing in low light, and added educational value. For those interested in a more engaging learning experience, interactive globes with apps or augmented reality provide up-to-date information and multi-sensory exploration. However, it's essential to consider the compatibility with devices and updates when opting for interactive globes.


In conclusion, various factors play a crucial role in choosing the perfect world globe. These factors include the type of globe, size, material, stand and mounting options, and additional features. By considering these aspects, you can find a world globe that best suits your needs and preferences. We encourage you to explore the Australian National Maritime Museum store for a variety of world globes tailored to fit different requirements and tastes.