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Serpentine Pendant

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Serpentine Pendant set in 925 sterling silver.

Serpentine is well known to the world's mineralogists and gemologists, but is much less familiar to the general public. The marbled look of this green stone makes it ideal as an ornamental material, and it has been carved into a wide array of decorative objects throughout history. Although serpentine has a similar appearance to jade, it is a different, unrelated series of minerals.

Serpentine is very soft, so be mindful of scratching. Avoid sudden temperature changes, chemicals, and ultrasonic cleaners. Requires gentle handling

8698b - approx: 2.3cm W x 4cm Hang length
8698c - approx: 1.5cm W x 3.2cm Hang length

NOTE: Please indicate your choice of either 8698b or 8698c in your order notes. Only one available of each.