Royal Australian Navy in the Atlantic and Mediterranean

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Royal Australian Navy in the Atlantic and Mediterranean

This commemorative publication by the Australian Department of Veterans' Affairs is a part of the series; Australians in World War II. This resource focuses on the Australians who sailed in the Royal Australian Navy (RAN). It tells the story of their training, their operational lives and experiences during the war.

"Imagine the biggest fireworks you have ever seen, magnify it a thousand times, include all the beautiful lights imaginable, add the clattering of 5,000 heavy machine-guns, the thumping of hundreds of falling bombs, the throbbing and screaming of 100 big aircraft and the whole show lit up by the brightest arc lights in the world drifting slowly, slowly down only to be replaced by more and still more of them – imagine all this bursting forth in a single second of time, so suddenly that most of us were incapable of movement, and you have a fair idea of the night attack on Cape Passaro." - Midshipman Brian Fernandez, HMAS Ipswich

Paperback (Flexcover)
Pages: 188
Dimensions: 23.5 x 23.5 cm