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Astrolabe Keyring

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Astrolabe Keyring

This piece is a reproduction of the Dundee Nautical Astrolabe. This marine astrolabe, made by the Portuguese, dated between 1550-1555 is in the Art Gallery and Museum of Dundee, Scotland.

The nautical astrolabe is the simplification of the planispheric or astronomical astrolabe, and can only take the height of the stars and was used to calculate latitude.


Diameter: 45mm / Thickness: 5mm

Handcrafted by Hemisferium. Instrumentos Científicos Antiguos, S.L. They specialize in making objects that link us to our scientific past and in making them accessible to all lovers of the art and beauty of science. They focus on each piece retaining its essence, its beauty and its original functions. They use quality materials and handcrafted processes to maintain the individual character of each instrument. Above all, Hemisferium work with honesty, and their goal is to help spread the knowledge behind these instruments and the scientific discoveries that made them possible.