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Organic Manuka Honey Mask

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30ml | 1 fl oz

Hydroskin's Organic Manuka Honey Mask contains New Zealand sourced Manuka Honey UMF 20+ and miniHA™ (Hyaluronic Acid). The combination provides ultimate hydration and luminosity for your skin. Additionally, the Manuka Honey Mask is ideal for soothing the under-eye area and dry lips.

Active Ingredients

Organic Manuka Honey UMF 20+
 is a superior natural healer with antibacterial and medicinal properties. It has been used to treat skin for over 2,000 years. Its powerful anti-inflammatory abilities soothe skin irritation and heal blemishes. Manuka Honey assists with balancing the skin’s pH and contains amino acids which remove dead skin cells and help to keep pores clear. It is a natural humectant, drawing moisture into the skin, which enhances the skin’s elasticity and cell regeneration. It increases collagen in skin cells resulting in healthy, youthful skin.

Hyaluronic Acid - miniHA™ is a scientifically advanced low molecular weight Hyaluronic Acid that deeply penetrates the skin down to the collagen-producing layer of the dermis. It is the ultimate HA to plump skin and improves hydration.

How to Apply
On clean skin apply 5-6 pumps of mask to face. Rub in a circular motion until mask becomes a thick white cream. Leave on for 10–20 minutes - the longer, the more effective. Rinse off with warm water. Safe for under-eye area and lips.

- use it around your eyes
- apply it to your lips at anytime, it is amazing for healing dry cracked lips 

Who is it for?
Suitable for all types of skin.