Bondi Scent Candle - Bloom

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Inspired by an endless summer, Bondi Scent candle range is designed to be enjoyed all year round. The collection explores the olfactory journey of beach culture, evoking moments of carefree summer days.

Bondi Scent Candle - Bloom 300g (Matte nude)

Style: Floral

Scent: The first summer rain temps' blooms of wild jasmine and citrus blossoms to awaken. A misty shimmering, holding captive a dreamy soft floral that will transport you to a summer night any time of year.

Olfactive Notes:

Top: Bergamot

Middle: Wild Jasmine, Tuberose

Base: Vanilla Flower

Smells like: A seductive aroma of wild jasmine in the night air.

Product snapshot:

300g scented candle

Bloom (matte nude)

300g / approximately 80 hours burning time (slow burning due to the natural composition of the product)

Soy / Coconut wax base - Paraffin FREE

High quality fragrance - Phthalate + Paraben FREE

Locally made in small batches