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The Disappearing Giraffe - Fridge Magnet: Wildlife Photographer of the Year 58

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A beautiful addition to any fridge magnet collection. It features The Disappearing Giraffe by Jose Gragozo (Portugal) from the Wildlife Photographer of the Year 58 exhibition. 

Sensing that another train is on its way, the unmistakable form of the world’s tallest land mammal dashes between the giant pillars that carry Kenya’s new Standard Gauge Railway across Nairobi National Park. The beauty and vitality of this statuesque animal – adult giraffes can reach more than 5 metres tall – contrast starkly with the inanimate grey blocks towering alongside.

The magnet is mounted on sustainably sourced cardboard certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). The starch cellophane packaging on this product is vegetable based and the backing card is recyclable.