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What, How, Why: The Sea

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What, How, Why: The Sea from Sassi by G. Pesavento, E. Lorenzi, A. Borgo

This book in the What, How, Why series explores various aspects of the seas and oceans, a fundamental resource for life on Earth, through the question-and-answer format.

Earth is largely covered by water: oceans and seas, together with lakes and rivers, make up 71% of the planet’s surface, which explains why, when we look at our planet from space, we see it as a big blue ball. When did oceans and seas form? What is the difference between the sea and the ocean? What organisms live in the marine ecosystem?

Poster included inside!

Audience: Children

Author G. Pesavento, E. Lorenzi, A. Borgo
Pages 64
Themes Nature
Ages 6+
Language English
Width 23 cm
Height 28 cm