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Goniatite Fossil 380 MYO

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Goniatite Fossil 380 MYO

Beautiful, polished goniatite fossil. These fossils dates back to the Devonian time period, approximately 380 million years ago, and was found in Morocco, North Africa. 

DIMENSIONS: Due to the nature of natural fossil, sizes vary slightly. Can range between 3CM-5CM at widest part

NOTE:  Also due to the variety of assorted goniatites, product received may vary or be a different pattern from product images, we will pick & pack at random.

Warning Choking Hazard.


What Are Goniatites? 

Goniatites are extinct shelled cephalopods related to squid, octopus, and belemnites.  They possessed an external shell that was divided internally into chambers.  The soft-bodied animal lived in the largest of the external chamber and the internal chambers would have been filled with gas, making the animal buoyant in water.   One distinctive feature of some goniatites is a zigzag suture pattern seen in its shell.