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Ammonite Fossil Pair - Small 180 MYO

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Ammonite Pairs, fossils for sale from Madagascar.

Dating from the Cretaceous Period at a majestic 120 million years old, this gorgeous Madagascan Ammonite Pair is an exciting piece of history.

These fossils consists of an Ammonite cut and polished to create a striking pair. Both of the pieces display highly polished surfaces and a natural shell. The fossil pattern reveals gorgeous, colourful internal calcite chambers.

DIMENSIONS: Due to the nature of natural fossil, these each measure approx 2CM at longest side.

NOTE: Also due to the variety of assorted ammonite pairs, product received may vary or be a different pattern from product images, we will pick & pack at random.

Warning Choking Hazard.


What Are Ammonites? 

Ammonites are a group of extinct molluscs which somewhat resembled a shelled squid when they were alive. 

These ancient sea creatures had tentacles like the modern octopus, and spiral shells like Nautilus creatures. 

They first appeared on the fossil record 240 million years ago, in the Triassic Period, and died out 65 million years ago with the dinosaurs during the Cretaceous-Tertiary Mass Extinction Event. 

The fossilised remains of these sea creatures are perhaps the most popular fossils on the market today.