Ship-in-Bottle - Bounty (6.5 in)

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Handmade in the traditional manner; this ship-in-bottle combines wooden hull with cloth sails and extensive rigging. 
Mounted on a wooden stand with nameplate. Overall measurement is 6.5".


HMS Bounty

HMS Bounty was a British armed transport ship, most remembered for the mutiny of its crew on April 28, 1789. Commanded by Captain William Bligh, she had sailed to Tahiti to collect breadfruit trees to grow in Jamaica (as food for slaves). On the voyage back, control was seized by the master's mate, Fletcher Christian. The cause? Bligh's opponents charged him with tyranny. Bligh argued that the mutineers had become attached to Tahiti (and its women!). Bligh with 18 crew who remained loyal, was set adrift in an open longboat and, against all the odds, managed to navigate the 3,600 miles (5,800km) to Timor. Christian took the Bounty to Pitcairn Island, where the small colony he founded remained undiscovered until 1808 and where their descendants still live.