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  • 1264Yamato

Japanese Yamato 1:700 Model (Operation Kikusui Ichigo, 1945)


One of two of the world's largest battleships ever built for modern  naval warfare, the 839-foot long, nearly 72,000 tons Yamato bristled  with devastating armament that included 18.1-inch main battery guns, 6-  and 5-inch turret guns, and 162 1-inch anti-aircraft guns. During her  service, she sailed against allied naval forces throughout the South  Pacific, most notably in the Battle of Midway and several engagements in  the Philippines, including the Battle off Samar --- arguably one of the  largest naval battles in history. In the final, desperate months of  WWII, the mighty Yamato met a fiery end at the hands of allied naval  'Task Force 58' off the coast of Okinawa, Japan during Operation  Ten-Ichi-Gı ---- a suicide mission that would have had the Yamato beach  herself near Okinawa to become a fortified gun battery against invading  American forces.