Emdens Last Voyage: The Battle of HMAS Sydney and SMS Emden at Cocos Island

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Emdens Last Voyage: The Battle of HMAS Sydney and SMS Emden at Cocos Island (anniversary edition) by Douglas John Walker

A pictorial memoir of The Battle of Cocos, which occurred on the morning of 9th November 1914, and eventuated in the bloody encounter of the SMS Emden and HMAS Sydney.

Corporal Douglas Walker had worked on Cocos Island, and at the time of the Emden attack, was working at the Singapore office of the Eastern Extension Cable Company when the SOS messages came through.

These historical stories, as told by the Captain Glossop of HMAS Sydney to Banjo Paterson, a war correspondent only 4 days after the event, and Kapitanleutnant von Mucke's translated story of the Emden landing party and their escape on the schooner Ayesha to Germany.

Features black and white photographs throughout.

About the Author:
Douglas John Walker, a great nephew of Corporal Douglas Walker, lives in Brisbane, Queensland Australia. He was born in Stanthorpe, Queensland and only recently left his grazing property at Glenlyon, in the Stanthorpe District. His family first settled on Glenlyon Station in November 1844. Douglas is the family historian and custodian of this collection, which has been handed down through the family. As a Centennial Memorial of his great uncles death, he has compiled this historical book, to share with his family and others who are interested in the stories. Thank you to Doug's friend Vice Admiral Michael J. Noonan, AO, RAN, Chief of Navy for taking the time to write the Foreword and for his acknowledgment.

Pages: 99