Tilly's Reef Adventure

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Tilly's Reef Adventure by Rhonda N. Garward

Shortlisted for the Environment Award for Children's Literature 2018 (Picture Fiction)

Tilly's Reef Adventure is a delightful lift-the-flap book about a baby Green Turtle who, against the odds, makes it into the ocean and begins her journey in the seas of the Great Barrier Reef, meeting friends and foe along the way.

After surviving some adventures on the reef, she finds herself caught in a plastic bag that she has mistaken for a jellyfish. She is washed up on a beach where she is saved just in time by children who are cleaning up rubbish along the shore. At the back of the book, there is extra information about the reef, including threats to the reef and how you can help keep it, as well as other parts of our environment, healthy and free of rubbish.

Beautifully illustrated and endorsed by Ian Kiernan AO, the Chairman of Clean Up Australia.

Suitable for ages: 4+
Pages: 36