Headsox - Lunki Dreaming by Tracy Latu Kuli Kefu

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Headsox are a multifunctional seamless head and neckwear accessory made from stretchy polyester micro fibre. Stay warm, stay cool & love life outdoors! Wear it any way you want !

By purchasing an Aboriginal Desert Art Headsox, you are helping us support Aboriginal Artist's and their communities.


Design Information:

The Witchetty grub (Lunki) is a natural food source for the indigenous community and this design represents the journey of the Witchetty Grub Dreaming. Painted by Wiluna Artist Tracy Latu Kuli Kefu.

Tracey has been painting at Tjukurba Gallery since 2007, and her works describe stories passed down from generations, personal events in her life, and history and events around Wiluna, which is located at the base of the Canning Stock Route, Western Australia.

Royalties from this product directly benefit the artist and their community. We reckon that's pretty cool!

Love Life Outdoors!