Aboriginal Stories of Australia

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Aboriginal Stories of Australia by Alexander Wyclif Reed

A fascinating collection of traditional tales that date back to the beginning of time. Learn how Yhi the sun goddess introduced life to the world, why the emu cannot fly and how the kangaroo got its tail. Packed with myths and legends about creation, these stories retell how people and animals were made as well as how the moon and stars came to stay above us.

This title is part of the fantastic Aboriginal Library series of books.

About the Author:
Born in Auckland in 1908, A.W. Reed (Alexander Wyclif) was educated at Mt Albert Grammar School. In 1932, he helped to found a book-publishing business, A.H. & A.W. Reed, one of New Zealand's leading publishing houses of the time with an enduring list of local books. Reed wrote more than 200 books himself, with a range of reference works and popular accounts of Maori culture.

Pages: 108
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