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  • 8723 The Roman Empire

DVD - The Roman Empire (Collector's Set)

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Uncover the dramatic rise and fall of the world's most powerful empires in The Roman Empire Collector's Set from Discovery Channel. Two thousand years ago, one civilisation held the entire Western world in its grasp. From Northern Europe to Africa, it imposed laws, ideas and a single language. Rome was the super power and a colossal empire. Travel back in time and experience the exporting of the Roman world through the glory years of conquest to the longest period of stability the world has ever known. From the rise to the fall of Rome, come and learn the secrets of this great empire.

The Power and Glory
The Surprising History of Rome with Terry Jones
When Rome Ruled Egypt
Ancient Warriors: The Legions of Rome
Moments In Time: Letters Fjrom The Roman Front
Skeletons Of Roman Ashkelon