The Fossil Girl

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The Fossil Girl by Catherine Brighton

The remarkable true story of 10 year old Mary Anning who, two hundred years ago, discovered the first complete fossil of an Ichthyosaurus, or fish lizard.

It is the year 1810, and Mary Anning and her brother Joe are scrambling over the cliffs of Lyme Regis looking for 'curiosities' to sell. Suddenly Joe sees a strange giant head sticking out of the cliff-face and calls to Mary - who can't believe her eyes.
The creature must be twenty feet long! Is it a giraffe? A gorilla? A crocodile? No one knows, but Mary is determined to get it out, even if it means risking life and limb.

Catherine Brighton breathes new life into historical fact as she describes, in comic strip form, a how a young girl discovers the first complete Ichthyosaur and astonishes the scientific world of her time. A delightful story for any children curious about dinosaurs and the natural world.

Pages: 32
Suitable for ages: 5 - 8