DVD - Djambawa Marawili: Rock of the fire

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In this film we join the great Yolngu leader and artist Djambawa Marawili in his homeland of Baniyala in East Arnhem Land where he lives and works with his wife Liyawaday Wirrpanda.

Peter Hylands says:

“We would like you to meet Djambawa Marawili and to learn about his culture and people and in this film we take you back to East Arnhem Land and to the important homeland community of Baniyala, nestled on the shores of Blue Mud Bay.

Intimate knowledge of the land, sea and sky and what it contains, the spiritual understanding that the patterns of nature and ancestral beings are laid on this precious land and sea has sustained the Yolngu people of East Arnhem Land for countless thousands of years.

These are the things we should also understand.

"It is in my mind, not only in my heart, it is in my soul. It won’t run away from me. I live with it until I die".