DVD - Alick Tipoti: Zugub, the mask, the spirits and the stars

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In this documentary ALICK TIPOTI describes his culture in his voice, recalling the legends of his land through music and dance and art making. We travel to his home island of Badu in the Torres Strait.

Artist, ALICK TIPOTI, is a leader in the resurgence of Torres Strait culture. He is the first Torres Strait artist to have been selected to exhibit at the Biennale of Sydney (2012).


“This is both a powerful and visually compelling documentary, once more describing the extraordinary skills of Australia’s Indigenous people. In our films we wish to provide people in Australia and elsewhere in the world with a window into the lives and practices of indigenous people.

In Australia, these films build knowledge and understanding of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures as we work with some of the most skilful and outstanding individuals in the indigenous world. We encourage young people to engage with these films, closing the gap for future generations.

In his film, ALICK speaks about his responsibilities in communicating his culture to the world, his leadership will inspire younger generations of Torres Strait Islanders and beyond to be immensely proud of their cultures. In one way ALICK will provide a framework that encourages new paths to creativity and learning, the development of skills and the guardianship of cultural heritage including language”.