Pencil / Toiletries / Makeup Pouch - Captain James Cook's Map

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Do you know a Captain Cook or HMB Endeavour enthusiast who needs a bag to carry all their Cook books around in? You're in luck!
The design of the map on this tote bag shows the route of Captain James Cook's three voyages of exploration (1768-80), as as well as the ships Racehorse and Carcass which in 1773 under Constantine Phipps became trapped in ice whilst journeying toward the north pole. 
The illustration was created by Thomas Bowen, c1784 and is part of the Australian National Maritime Museum collection.
Perfect to use for your next shopping trip instead of a plastic bag, this uniquely Australian tote also makes a perfect gift for overseas friends as it's lightweight and easy to fold for posting.

Vibrant, high-quality double-sided prints that won’t fade
Durable 100% polyester canvas with a metal zipper. Fully lined for added strength
Various sizes perfect for holding coins, cards, phone, pencils, cosmetics
Cold machine wash and low tumble dry
Makes the perfect gift for family, friends, or yourself. (You deserve it.)