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The sinking of the Titanic was the biggest maritime disaster in history and continues to fascinate 100 years on. The Titanic - 100th Anniversary Collection contains two captivating new documentaries. 
1. Inside the Titanic- For the first time, this dramatised documentary shows what happened on the Titanic from the point of view of the killer itself: the water. This was a massacre 1,517 passengers and crew died when the luxury liner went down. Everybody on board was fooled by the water, a devious and unstoppable killer. Stories are told through action-packed reconstructions of eyewitness reports, drama interviews, and high quality effects. By following the water, this compelling film reveals what caused the infamous demise of the supposedly unsinkable Titanic. 
2. Titanic & Me- Titanic & Me is a unique account of one of the most famous disasters in history, bringing together for the first time the individual stories of those who built, operated or were passengers on the Titanic. These stories of loss and love, triumph and tragedy, live on in their descendants and are recreated in this very special documentary.