Tea Towel - Breadfruit

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A practical must-have for any kitchen. Dry dishes and clean up spills with this food themed tea towel, inspired by an original engraving on display in the Pacific Encounters Gallery at the National Maritime Museum Greenwich.

The design uses an engraving of a breadfruit drawn by botanist and artist Sydney Parkinson who accompanied Captain Cook on the HMB Endeavour voyage in 1768–71. 

Breadfruit is indigenous to the Pacific and has a complicated history, stemming from its use by the British as a cheap food for enslaved Africans forced to work on plantations in the Caribbean. Today the breadfruit is widely cultivated in some 90 countries throughout the world, and is a well-loved staple of African-Caribbean cuisine.

Its name is derived from the texture of the fruit when cooked, which resembles baked bread, but it has a potato-like flavour. It is commonly used in main courses, desserts and street food. 

Re-imagined in a beautifully vivid green colour palette and made from durable 100% cotton.

100% Cotton
Wash at 30 degrees. 
Made in Great Britain.