The Journals of Captain Cook

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The Journals of Captain Cook - Penguin Classics by James Cook

Captain James Cook led three famous expeditions to the Pacific Ocean between 1768 and 1779. In voyages of discovery that ranged from the Antarctic circle to the Arctic Sea, Cook charted Australia on HMB Endeavour and the whole coast of New Zealand, and brought back detailed descriptions of the natural history of the Pacific.

Accounts based on Cook's journals were issued at the time, but it was not until this century that the original journals were published in Beaglehole's definitive edition. The Journals tells the story of these voyages as Cook wanted it to be told, radiating the ambition, courage and skill which enabled him to carry out an unrivalled series of expeditions in dangerous waters.

A must-read for Cook enthusiasts, or those interested in the early history of Australia.

Pages: 688