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Pompeii: The History, Life and Art of the Buried City


The rediscovery of Pompeii in 1748 represented a decisive moment for our understanding of the Roman world. To visit the site on these pages is to travel through time: here is the excitement and drama Pompeii represents for archaeology and Classical studies, a complete tour of the complex and fascinating first-century Roman city. 
White Star's partners for Pompeii: Art and Treasures of the Buried City are the official institutions charged with preservation and the continuing exploration of the site: the Archaeological Superintendencies of Pompeii and Naples, and the Università Federico II of Naples. This book is the first collaboration of these two expert staffs and each offers a special authority on the excavations and the art of the ancient city. 
The text documents the most recent investigations and discoveries from the field-some previously unpublished-and represents the most current available view of one of the world's most famous archaeological sites.


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