Polaris: The History of the UK's Submarine Force

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The History of the UK's Submarine Force

By: Hall Keith

The story of the Polaris project, the first submarine-based British nuclear weapons system, and the people behind it. 

Between 15 June 1968 and 13 May 1996, the Polaris Submarines of the Tenth Squadron carried out a total of 229 Polaris Patrols, involving the submarines steaming in excess of 2 million miles. Apart from delivering the submarines, the bases and the men to man them, the project worked well over its designed life span. It was delivered on time and on budget essentially by a small group of Naval Officers and civil servants, and makes an impressive tale wherever you sit on the nuclear debate. Here submarine historian Keith Hall presents the whole Polaris story, looking in detail at the history of the journey to Polaris on the global stage, as well as the people who made it happe n and their working environments and routines. 

Book Features:

  • New book from an exsubmariner and submarine historian who spent much of his career at Ckyde where Polaris was based 50 years since the first patrols in June 1968.
  • Reviews the Polaris project, in detail, including the historical and global context, opposition to the project, and how it evolved.
  • Details the submarines and bases themselves and what life was like on board.
  • With a wide variety of images including on-board photographs of crews at work.
  • Covers the misappropriation of Marshall Aid and interservice.
  • rivalries, US/UK involvement, building the submarines and support facilities and the eventual decommissioning of the submarines.

13 colour and 45 b/w illustrations