Endeavour Pack C

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Endeavour Pack C, includes:
* Baseball Cap with HMB Endeaovur emrpoided in the front, and Australian National Maritime Museum in the back.
* His Majesty's Bark Endeavour - Teh Story of the Ship and her People by Antonia Macarthur.
* DVD - Two Ships in One
* HMB Endeavour Mug
Book Description

The Endeavour's incredible voyage of scientific and geographic discovery (1768-1771) has been a source of fascination to the world ever since the ship returned to port. This book tells the story of the ship and the 94 officers, gentlemen, midshipmen, marines and sailors who made that historical voyage with her. It is a lively account of who these men were, how they lived, where they slept, what they ate and, often, how they died. The Endeavour's story is well-researched and is illustrated with contemporary paintings, charts and drawings supplemented by photographs from the Endeavour replica ship, now on its first world voyage following in the wake of Captain James Cook. Antonia Macarthur is a maritime historian who specialises in the restoration and replication of historic ships.


DVD Description

This extraordinary story examines the experiences of the Captain and crew as they brave the high seas in Endeavour, an authentic replica of one of the world's most significant ships of exploration.Using a very close and personal style, filmmaker Colin Graham places the viewer amongst the crew at thevery centre of the action From below the waterline to the highest mast, you can see this life changing experience from the best vantage point.  Go aloft, almost 40 metres above the rolling deck.  Experience the personal challenge of the crew living crammed together just as Cook's men did.  Life on board a square rigged ship has never been portrayed more vividly.

Running Time: 45Mins.