World Encyclopedia Of Destroyers and Frigates

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World Encyclopedia Of Destroyers and Frigates by Bernard Ireland

An Illustrated History of Destroyers and Frigates, from Torpedo Boat Destroyers, Corvettes and Escort Vessels Through to the Modern Ships of the Missile Age

This comprehensive encyclopedia focuses exclusively on destroyers and frigates. The opening section both explains the rationale behind the technological development of destroyers and frigates and illustrates the varied manner of their use. Three major country-by-country sections then deal with:
- the destroyer in its formative years up until the end of World War I
- its classic phase and transformation into a specialist anti-aircraft escort
- the development of the frigate since its inception in 1940

Technical description is blended with informed comment on the performance and effectiveness of each of over 250 types and classes, making this an essential reference, and also an enjoyable read for anyone interested in naval history.

The book examines destroyer and frigate evolution, including special topics such as the origins of the torpedo boat, frigates versus high-speed submarines, and frigates in the missile age. Specification boxes provide each vessel's country of origin, the company that built the ship, construction and completion dates, displacement, dimensions, armament, machinery, power and performance.

Featuring over 500 colour and black-and-white photographs illustrating each type of warship, and fascinating quotes from military leaders, plus a glossary of key terms and abbreviations.

Pages: 256